Broken Promiseland – Available Everywhere June 16

A surreal image of a man in a field holding his own head as a balloon

The 7th full-length studio album by The Uninvited, Broken Promiseland finds the band in a slightly more mature frame of mind, but with the same attitude. Features the single “The Guns of Shiloh” along with popular songs like “Not Dead Yet,” “Unwritten,” “Pluto & Me” and the title track.

“Broken Promiseland” – The Title-Track Single From The Uninvited’s New Album

Released in June of 2023, “Broken Promiseland” is the new single from The Uninvited’s new album, Broken Promiseland. See what we did there?

Our Favorite Playlist: “West Coast AltAmericana”

Cool west coast vibes from Laurel Canyon to Marin, from The Uninvited, Fish Ranch Road, David Luning, Wolf Jett, The Mother Hips, and more!

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