Broken Promiseland Album Credits

A surreal image of a man in a field holding his own head as a balloon

Broken Promiseland

Performed by The Uninvited

Steve Taylor: Guitars, Banjo, Vocals

John Taylor: Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals

Tony Giuliano: Bass, Backing Vocals

John Messier: Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Keyboards: Ryan Hickey

Horns on “Broken Promiseland” written and arranged by Greg Samuel

Greg Samuel: Trombone

Vince Womack: Trumpet

All songs written by Steven V. Taylor & John A. Taylor, Jam Or Die Music, BMI

Arranged by The Uninvited

©2022, The Uninvited. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is naughty.

Executive Producers:

Robert Marker

Jenna Sanz-Agero

Chris Axton

Michael Block

Produced by Them Taylor Boys

Recorded at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco

Engineered & Mixed by Eric Hagelin

Additional recording and production by Tom Flemming at Royal Ann Recording

The Uninvited would like to personally thank the following friends and family, whose love and support made this album possible:

Andoo Von Andu Jr. VII

Jeff Bara

Kat & Bryan Banks

Marianne Ferraro

Michael Mayhew

Cathie Hodgkinson

Pat Giuliano

Janine Mohr

Brigid & Steve Parsons

Pamela Williams

Jesse Yandell

Franci Levine-Grater

Steve Eustace

Rebeccah Rogers

Robert Logan

Connie McElroy

Nicholas Calidonna

Paul Giuliano

Derek Dombrowski

Cheryl & Mike Garrard

Eric Samuels

Dawn Monopoli

Kristi Austin-Rodriguez

Lisa LaChance

Brenda Friedman

Charles Maughan

Tiffany Moore

Track List:

  1. Unwritten
  2. Not Dead Yet
  3. Broken Promiseland
  4. Pluto & Me
  5. Dig My Own Grave
  6. Blame It On Gravity
  7. The Bassman
  8. I’m Not The One
  9. Meet Me In The Middle
  10. The Guns of Shiloh